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Beauty | What I'm Taking: Make up | Holiday Series | Kevyn Aucoin, NARS, MAC, Bobbi Brown and more...

I'm going on holiday on the 13th of June (for two weeks eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...) and that makes me - in short - very excited (...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
It pretty much consumes my every thought. So naturally my obsessive joy is going to rub off onto my blog (as my blog pretty much runs on obsessive joy anyway).

So here I am kicking off my Holiday Series by showing you what make up I'm taking. Yes, I have already decided and packed it into make up bags. 
Organised or psychotic? You tell me.
(Actually don't, I know it's the latter)

This is my first experience with tinited moisturiser. My make up tends to be very all or nothing at the moment. If I'm putting it on, I'm putting it ALL on. However, I don't want to do that on holiday or in "real" day to day life anymore. So far I am in love with this Jouer Matte Moisture Tint like the rest of the beauty world. I'm a sheep but a very happy one. Bahh.

I'm also bringing Liz Earle's skin tint in beige in the hopes me getting a (slight/as much as I can get of a) tan and having to mix it with the Jouer for a more fitting colour!

I love it. I've had it for coming up to a year and it's still going strong! I adore this and I cannot be without it for that perfect contour.

 This and the Sculpting Powder go hand in hand. Holy Grail products, I'm telling you!

First of all, I hate myself for that typo. And I can't for the life of me find the file for this so we're just going to have to move on - though I am weeping.
I'm not actually a huge fan of this but my z-tone is one oily son of a bitch and needs to be powdered. As you can see I am nearing the end (yay) so If I don't make a purchase of something else before my flight this will be my powder of choice (as it is my only powder).

I was trying to write something witty/interesting about this blush but I just love it so much I cannot express it fully in words.

This was my first ever MAC blush (and my only one now that Dame has gone missing :'( wahh) a very helpful sales assistant recommended it to me to cancel out some of the pinkness in my cheeks and I really liked it! It's a frosty peach blush (with gold frost/shimmer running through it) and I love it on my skin. It looks quite orange here so it may look scary to some of you ladies but I promise it doesn't look like you've just rubbed your face in a bowl of tangy cheese doritos!

(I promise this is the last time I will reference anything from season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race)


Favourite lipstick of all time? Yes. How could I be without it?
Blue toned red

Bright and super fun! I imagine it looking so good once I "tan"
Bright orangey red

A sheer, amazing smelling pinky browny nude

Lancome | Sample (no idea what it is, worn off)
It's good under Baby Lips if I need a more opaque nude
Pinky browny nude

A very summery/sunny colour 
Pinky red-ish coral


My best match for Russian Red

My best match for Lady Danger

A great all-rounder. An extra blush and a bronzer! Plus some pretty eyeshadow shades.

My favourite eyeshadow palette of all time

You can see it's quite well loved. I actually used this for my year 11 prom. Fun fact. Beautiful warm shimmers.

This is the most underwhelming and most disappointing purchase I have ever made in my entire life. Mostly because I intended to buy their brow pen and the shop assistant accidentally gave me this instead and I didn't realise until I was home but was too lazy to do anything about it. As an eyeliner I'm not a fan. I liked it the first four times I wore it but after that it turned into the least pigmented eyeliner probably in the history of the universe. Maybe I had a dud but I would not recommend this based on my experience.
So why am I bringing it?
Because it's ideal for drawing on my beauty mark.

Not my favourite gel liner but my only gel liner and I dare not leave the house without my gel liner. 
Say "gel liner" one more time 
gel liner

Illamasqua | Liner | Cane (Discontinued?)
A creamy/yellow pencil for brighting up my water line. Pretty simple. I like it a lot. 
I did try looking for the link for this but it appears they have discontinued it which is a shame... if you have any information on this please let me know!

When I first got this my skin was a lot dryer and I loved this. The problem I have with this is only that the places where I need coverage are the places that are my most oily so this doesn't work as well for me for me as it did before.
I still like it and I think it's a wonderful product but this doesn't 100% work for my skin. It's my only facial concealer though so in my travel make up bag it goes.

The powder I wear through my brows - not ideal but it does the trick and is a nice eyeshadow for adding subtle depth to neutral eyeshadow looks that are just missing a little summin' summin'.

I am a big fan!

Holy grail under eye circle corrector!

Great lash curlers

In case I need a little more coverage. Another holy grail product. I can always trust my NARS Sheer Glow.

I know it's a actually quite a bit of make up but I'm just a gal who likes a bit of choice.

What is your HG holiday make up recommendation?
Are you going on holiday? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT

Until next time,

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